Chatbot for higher education

MyUniBot uses natural language processing and machine learning to assist universities in communicating with international applicants in an easier, cheaper and more effective way by answering their questions, reminding of deadlines and missing documents.
MyUniBot is an autonomous, multi platform solution that can be easily customised to suit the needs of a university or college.
Big data are used to answer applicants’ questions, artificial intelligence technology combined with human supervision enables our bot to develop and learn quickly.
MyUniBot runs
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Simple integration
MyUniBot uses Zapier Technology ©, which, by integrating thousands of apps, allows you to get started in minutes regardless whether you use a CRM
or not.
What Can MyUniBot do?
Collect Data
Who are your prospective students? What is important to them when choosing a university? Do your applicants share any similar features?
Answer Questions
Provide information on tuition fees and deadlines, clarify the conditions of the scholarships, guide through admission requirements.
Follow up students
Remind of deadlines, notify of missing documents, inform of tuition fees/deposit payments.
MyUniBot is trained to answer over 250 most common questions international students ask.
Step 1
When you set up conversation
rules in our dashboard
Step 2
...MyUniBot will recognize similar phrases from prospective students...
Step 3
...and using natural language processing will comprehend the questions and then answer them
MyUniBot understands and answers most of the questions prospective applicants usually ask
MyUniBot has studied dozens of thousands of cases
to be able to understand and answer questions of the prospective students. The more it interacts with
applicants, the smarter it gets! Should the bot struggle
with a question, it will automatically forward applicant's inquiry to the member of your admissions team, so that no question is left unanswered.
Students love
Our experience shows that international applicants sometimes are not feeling comfortable when addressing their questions to the university representatives.
The bot enables students to communicate freely, ask questions, which matter to them, and receive replies instantly. Our pilot and focus groups tests have shown that over 90% of students opt in to receive messages and reminders from MyUniBot